The best queer sex ed class you were never offered.

Run by the wonderful people of Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes' Out For Health initiative.



so hey fun fact for anyone who wants queer history trivia: the first disco in Seattle was opened in 1973 and was a gay bar called “shelly’s leg” and it was named after a dancer named shelly who lost her leg in a confetti cannon accident and used the insurance/lawsuit settlement money to open a gay disco.

a) This is such a fantastic story that I wouldn’t care if it were made up, except that

b) upon further research, it does appear to be true

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TV Legends Revealed | Is Laverne Cox Really the First Openly Transgender Emmy Nominee?

tl;dr: no, she isn’t. Learn some awesome trans history.

Hey, look at that! Two universities that made the list are right here in Ithaca — Ithaca College and Cornell University. (It’s worth noting Ithaca also made the top 10 trans friendly colleges list last year as well.)

We’re incredibly proud to share a town with two schools that prioritize the health, safety and development of their LGBT students. Out for Health also collaborates with both universities:

As well as various other programs, like the Lunch and Learn film series. Congrats to Ithaca College and Cornell University for making the list once more this year.

Are any of the universities on this list in your area? Could you be taking advantage of programs or services that they offer? Check it out.


Today’s Gender of the day is: A sick guitar riff


Today’s Gender of the day is: A sick guitar riff

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I just read the article you posted about the HPV vaccine. I've had the strain that can cause cervical cancer in the past and I was wondering if I can still get the vaccine to cover me from contracting a strain that can cause genital warts.
outforhealth outforhealth Said:


I would say yes! The Gardasil HPV vaccine protects against four different strains of HPV: HPV-6 and HPV-11, which cause most cases of genital warts, and HPV-16 and HPV-18, which together are responsible for about 70% of cervical cancers. Even if you have already contracted one of these strains, you may want to get the vaccine to protect you from the other three. I would recommend that you contact your doctor to discuss it with them!

(Infomation from www.nhs.uk)



New polling shows that the majority of Americans (nearly 70%), across party lines and geographic location, support legal abortion and do not want the government to restrict access to abortion. The majority of politicians who represent us however? Not so much. Let’s make it clear whose voices should really matter. H/t prochoiceamerica

There’s a disconnect here. This November, let’s fix it. 

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A cool article and a cool app dealing with one of the more slippery parts of transition. One part in particular seemed simultaneously useful and hilarious:

Hooper has had clients watch soap operas, first with the sound up, then off.

“Not that you want to be like that, but soap operas are full of people who are either hyper-female or hyper-male, so you can get an idea of their behavior and then kind of reel it in because gender expression is on a continuum,” Hooper says.


You can read the piece here: http://www.autostraddle.com/drawn-to-comics-meet-the-trans-girl-next-door-250813/

Please check out Mey’s other articles, that girl is super talented: http://www.autostraddle.com/author/meyrude/

And also check out her sweet styyyyle:  http://meyllenpage.tumblr.com/

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When It Comes To Orgasms, Research Shows Lesbians Are Tops


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“Orgasm,” begins the newest paper from the researchers the Kinsey Institute, “is characterized by subjective feelings of intense sensation and pleasure, including a sudden discharge of accumulated erotic tension at sexual climax and a temporarily altered state of consciousness.” It’s a rather dry opening to some pretty juicy new research about how men and women in…

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This is part of a larger effort the Smithsonian is making to add LGBT themed historic things to its collection, which is huge news in and of itself.