The best queer sex ed class you were never offered.

Run by the wonderful people of Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes' Out For Health initiative.

Conron, now a research scientist at the Fenway Institute, a research center specializing in LGBT health, says going uncounted means being overlooked, “and if you’re overlooked, you’re at greater risk of being underserved.” But how we count matters, too. She believes that quantifying a community at the city or even the state level isn’t enough — national statistics are necessary to truly understand the number of transgender Americans and their needs.

Culture doesn’t need exploring so much as it needs exploding. We need to destroy things and reconstruct them in our own image, because the people who make our media aren’t going to do it for us. That’s why I want femslash to save the world, and I will not take no for an answer.
"Femslash Can Save The World, If We Let It," by Kate on Autostraddle. x (via annamaize)

Go write some steamy queer lady fanfiction, y’all.

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Within the lesbian community I am Black, and within the Black community I am a lesbian. Any attack against Black people is a lesbian and gay issue, because I and thousands of other Black women are part of the lesbian community. Any attack against lesbians and gays is a Black issue, because thousands of lesbians and gay men are Black. There is no hierarchy of oppression.

It is not accidental that the Family Protection Act, which is virulently anti-woman and anti-Black, is also anti-gay. As a Black person, I know who my enemies are, and when the Ku Klux Klan goes to court in Detroit to try and force the Board of Education to remove books the Klan believes “hint at homosexuality,” then I know I cannot afford the luxury of fighting one form of oppression only. I cannot afford to believe that freedom from intolerance is the right of only one particular group. And I cannot afford to choose between the fronts upon which I must battle these forces of discrimination, wherever they appear to destroy me. And when they appear to destroy me, it will not be long before they appear to destroy you.


my gender? its not here youll have to call back later

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Today’s Gender of the day is: Dancing Cactus


Today’s Gender of the day is: Dancing Cactus

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Truvada, HIV/AIDS, growing up gay, and what the marriage movement has erased from the conversation.