The best queer sex ed class you were never offered.

Run by the wonderful people of Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes' Out For Health initiative.

A little queer speculation that may or may not be fact but it’s better to imagine it’s fact, and when you consider:

Oscar desperately wanted to meet Walt Whitman, whom he and many others considered to be America’s living poet…Whitman’s poetry spoke of the potency of friendship and love between men, particularly between working-class men, and positively oozed homoeroticism. Indeed, the ‘Calamus’ section of Whitman’s great poetic cycle Leaves of Grass was so intensely homoerotic that it gave rise to the short-lived term ‘calamite’ to denote a man who loved men. Swinburne was to denounce ‘the cult of the calamus’ and ‘calamites.’

It’s not hard to imagine they did more than speak during their meeting. Happy LGBTQ history month, and submit any fanfic that comes from this direct to our ask box.

A cool use of social networking tools to promote safe behaviors.



sexy costume ideas: dress up as a dental dam, throw on a condom suit, show up to the party as a nuvaring

Oh man what if i just wore regular clothing and a hula hoop and was a nuva right? Wait ok i might do that



Hello! Recently, I was surprised by the amount of people who come into our askbox asking about how to start a QPP with someone. Usually, the answer is “I don’t know! It depends on the person.” But this might help those of you that are shy and are not sure where to start. It can also serve as an ice-breaker.

I tried to be as broad as possible on a tiny sheet on paper. Feel free to edit it, make changes, etc. :) I have a higher-res PNG version if you need it. Just contact me! (chekhovandowl)

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sexy costume ideas: dress up as a dental dam, throw on a condom suit, show up to the party as a nuvaring



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esteemed colleague lookin fly as hell


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I also want to add: this retreat was seriously one of the most welcoming queer places for bisexuals I’ve ever been in. I will be 100% honest: I was kind of nervous going, because I’m a really femme bisexual girl and I was worried because I’ve had a few experiences in my life where I’ve been made to feel “not queer enough” But the Lambda Retreat was the most welcome, open, accepting, encouraging and nonjudgmental queer spaces I’ve ever been in. 

I highly recommend any queer writers (and poets!) apply. There are scholarships available and you will make life-long friends and grow as a writer in ways you never thought possible. 

I’m really glad to hear that!   Also their YA/Graphic Novel section is being taught by Sara Ryan who is the bisexual author of Empress of the World so I hope the tradition of bi-friendliness will continue!

- Sarah   

Apply, writer queers!

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So I was in the Advocate today, which is pretty dope. The story is about Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes, my employer/doctor, and how said employer and doctor joined forces to create a trans health clinic that operates off an informed consent model — the only Planned Parenthood in NY to do so.

As my one year on testosterone approaches — stay tuned for those party invitations, friends in real life — this article is an excellent marker on how far I’ve come in a very short while. Trans health care changes lives for the better — it certainly changed mine.