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There Was a Pride Parade in Final Fantasy XIV and You Should Care About It!


Last weekend, the largest group of LGBT gamers ever gathered for an epic, virtual pride parade in Final Fantasy XIV. Though pride parades have happened in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, or MMORPGs, in the past, this one in particular is notable for its size and context.

An MMORPG is a game where people can customize personal avatars to go on a series of adventures for experience…

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This will be familiar territory for many of you (and that’s great!), but for anyone who isn’t as well-versed, let the learning begin!

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thank u for saving bi lions

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The most amazing button ever.

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This is a diagram showing part of the internal structures of the clitoris and penis. Fascinating.

Lockwood’s poems are most radical in their ability to convey the essential strangeness of sex and gender. “I consistently felt myself to be not male or female,” she said, “but the 11-year-old gender: protagonist. Maybe it’s a byproduct of reading a lot of books, of projecting yourself into different bodies. As an early teen, I thought I presented as androgynous, which was not true. But I had a short haircut, and I felt androgynous.”


This looks fantastic! Although the word “hermaphroditic” raises a red flag for me as it’s such an outdated term (I don’t know enough about D&D to say whether there’s a particular reason for using the term). 

"Part of the character creation section states: “Think about how your character does or does not conform to the broader culture’s expectations of sex, gender, and sexual behaviour.

“For example, a male drow cleric defies the traditional gender divisions of drow society, which could be a reason for your character to have to leave that society.

“You don’t need to be confined to binary notions of sex and gender.”

But agree to the comment above — “hermaphroditic” is not the best word to assign to someone. And let’s remember that queers have been using D&D to explore/smash gender and sexuality since its inception, with permission/encouragement or not — I personally worked out a lot of my gender stuff over the course of several campaigns, in the safety of a room full of dorks and dice.

D&D has always been about inventing and exploring the impossible-made-possible. Much like queerness.

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I'm a straight male but I think transgender women are really attractive and interesting... Help?
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Mason says:

Dear straight male who is attracted to women,
Transgender women are women.
You are straight.