The best queer sex ed class you were never offered.

Run by the wonderful people of Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes' Out For Health initiative.
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Queer Fact #717
  • person: well according to your birth certificate you're female
  • me: according to my birth certificate i'm also like 7 pounds


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Finalists of the 26th Annual Lambda Literary Awards: Bisexual Fiction

Looking for the very best in contemporary Bisexual Thought & Bisexual Culture? Look no further than the Eight Finalists in the Bisexual Categories of the Lambda Literary Foundation Awards.

Now in their Twenty-Sixth Year, the Lambda Literary Awards honor achievement in LGBTQ writing for books published in 2013. This year our community has a wonderful selection, with Five Books in the Bisexual Fiction Category and Three Books in the Bisexual Nonfiction Category.

Every one of them a winner and all well worth your time and attention!

Finalists of the 26th Annual Lambda Literary Awards in the category Bisexual Fiction are:

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Uh. Bisexuals and books. What else do you really need?


Auntie Kate at home with Puggle and table made of mannequin legs + detail shot of the living room wall, photographed for THE HERO ISSUE.

© Amos Mac

We love Auntie Kate. We love Amos Mac. This is the perfect post.

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Results may vary. We’re hoping for a lot of new homos out there. Good luck!

Results may vary. We’re hoping for a lot of new homos out there. Good luck!

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Recently, Planned Parenthood’s tumblr— like, THE Planned Parenthood— started following us. [Hey guys!] This caused your QT editor to fistpump into the air and yell “dope!” So, you know, we’re not dorking out over here or anything. Tooootally cool.

It’s really an incredible opportunity to work for an organization that’s groundbreakingly pro-queer. That they not only accept everyone in the LGBTQ alphabet soup but also provide care and information for such a frequently marginalized people, especially within the health care system, is absolutely awesome. And it’s great that this organization understands and embraces the intersectionality between LGBT equality and reproductive rights

The fact that their blog follows our blog is simply icing on the cake of queer awesomeness. And in case you needed proof, here are some helpful links about both sexual orientation and gender identity. For more queer links and information from Planned Parenthood, look here.


Badass Trans Women You Should Know: Cecilia Chung.

Cecilia Chung is a senior advisor to the Transgender Law Center, a San Francisco City Health Commissioner, and a member of the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. She was honored last night by the California State Assembly as one of its Women of the Year for her tireless advocacy for trans women’s health access.

Congrats Cecilia!

Trans. Health. Matters.

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The story of Belle Epoque here

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